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Target Corporation is a Discount department store chain. It is one of the largest retailers, and is the second-largest discount store, after Walmart. Target is the third-largest retailer, after Walmart and Kroger.



A Target store.

Target began as Dayton's in 1902, founded by George Dayton. Then, because of several discount stores, Dayton thought of the idea to open a discount store. So, in 1962, Dayton opened the first Target. Dayton's later opened B. Dalton and acquired Lechmere. In 1969, Dayton's merged with Hudson's, and formed Dayton-Hudson Corporation. The new company included Target, Lechmere, B. Dalton, Dayton's, Hudson's, Diamond's, Lipman's, and John A. Brown. Dayton-Hudson became more profitable, and soon it acquired Mervyns. In 1980, Dayton-Hudson sold Lipman's to Marshall Field's. In 1984, Dayton-Hudson sold John A. Brown and Diamond's to Dillard's. Later, they sold Lechmere and B. Dalton. In 1990, Dayton-Hudson bought Marshall Field's. In 2000, Dayton-Hudson operated Target, Dayton's, Hudson's, and Mervyns. Target earned the most money, so Dayton-Hudson Corporation renamed itself Target Corporation. Target later converted its Dayton's and Hudson's chains to Marshall Field's. In 2004, the corporation divested itself of Mervyns and Marshall Field's. Both chains disappeared later, as Marshall Field's was renamed Macy's, and Mervyns went bankrupt. In 2011, Target announced that they would open their first international stores in Canada. Target now has stores in both the United States and Canada. Target mainly competes with Walmart and Kmart. Most Targets have a Starbucks and Pizza Hut Express.

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United StatesEdit

  • Target - discount chain
  • Target Greatland - discount store that has more products
  • SuperTarget - hypermarket chain
  • CityTarget - urban, smaller discount store

Former chainsEdit

  • Dayton's - converted to Marshall Field's in 2001
  • J.B. Hudson & Son - converted to Dayton Jewelers in 1967
  • Lipman's - sold to Marshall Field's in 1980
  • B. Dalton - sold to Barnes & Noble in 1986
  • Shreve & Co. - converted to Dayton Jewelers in 1967
  • Dayton Jewelers - sold to Henry Birks & Sons in 1982
  • Pickwick Book Shops - acquired and converted to B. Dalton Booksellers in 1968
  • Lechmere - sold in 1989
  • J.E. Caldwell
  • Hudson's - converted to Marshall Field's in 2001
  • Diamond's - sold to Dillard's in 1984
  • John A. Brown - sold to Dillard's in 1984
  • Team Electronics
  • C.D. Peacock, Inc.
  • J. Jessop and Sons.
  • Mervyns - sold in 2004
  • Ayr-Way - acquired and converted to Target in 1980
  • Plums - sold to Ross Stores in 1984
  • Gold Circle - acquired and converted to Target in 1989
  • Richway - acquired and converted to Target in 1989
  • Marshall Field's - sold to May Department Stores in 2004
  • Everyday Hero - closed in 1997
  • Smarts - closed in 1997
  • Fedco - acquired and converted to Target in 1999
  • Zellers - acquired and converted to Target Canada in 2013

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