Shopko is a chain of discount store that operates in 13 states. It is owned by Sun Capital Partners.

History Edit

In March 1961, investoing companies Green Bay Mayor, Roman Denissen, and Shopco Stores agree to open a store. In April 1962, the first ShopKo store opens. In 1971, ShopKo ageed to merge with SuperValu Inc. Also in 1971, ShopKo started putting pharmacies in its stores. In 1989, ShopKo opens Twin Valu, a hypermarket chain that would sell ShopKo and Cub products together. In 1990, ShopKo opened there 100th store. In 1991, SuperValu spun-off ShopKo. In 1997, ShopKo acquires Penn-Daniels, which owned the discount chain Jacks. In 1997, ShopKo acquired the 147-store discount chain Pamida. In 2000, ShopKo acquired Place stores. In 2005, ShopKo was purchased by Sun Capital Partners, owners of the now-defunct Mervyns chain. In 2007, ShopKo spun-off Pamida, but it is still owned by the same company. Also in 2007, ShopKo released a new logo, and dropped the uppercase-K to make the name Shopko. In 2010, Shopko acquired a few Pamida stores and converted them to Shopko Hometown stores. Since then, Pamida is once again a full subsidiary.

Store Concepts Edit

  • Shopko - discount store
  • Shopko Hometown - smaller discount store
  • Shopko Express - smaller store for quick trips

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