Kohl's is an American department store chain with origins in Wisconsin. The chain initially operated a department store as well as a supermarket chain called Kohl's Supermarkets, which was spun off and later eliminated. It operates in 49 states.

History Edit

Max Kohl founded the Kohl's Food Stores in 1946. In 1962, he opened the first Kohl's Department Stores. In 1972, BATUS Inc. bought a controlling interest in Kohl's, which at the time operated 50 grocery stores, six department stores, three drug stores and three liquor stores. The grocery stores were sold to A&P. Soon, Kohl's started expanding. Kohl's opened locations in former rival's Mervyns locations. Kohl's now operates stores in 49 states, except Hawaii. Kohl's are different from other department stores since thay are rarely found in shopping malls, and use a 'racetrack' aisle which circles the entire store. This is commonly used by discount stores like Walmart and Target.

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