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Kmart is a Discount department store chain founded in Garden City, Michigan in 1962. It was founded by Sebastian S. Kresge as a counterpart to his Kresge dime store chain. While Kresge ceased operations in 1987, Kmart has maintained thousands of stores in the United States. The chain used to operate in Canada, Mexico, and Czechoslovakia (later the Czech and Slovak Republics), but pulled out of those markets in the 1990s. An Australian division, which also included locations in New Zealand; was also spun off in the 1990s and, though still under the Kmart name, is no longer affiliated. In 2005, Kmart merged with Sears.

History Edit

Kresge formed the Kresge Five-and-Dime stores in the early 1900s. He had worked at Woolworth's Five-and-Dime. After that, in 1912, he formed the S. S. Kresge Company. In 1962, the first Kmart opened. Kresge died four years later. Kmart became really popular in the 70s. After that, it fell because of competition with Walmart and Target. So in the 90s, they bought Borders, Payless Drug, OfficeMax and the Sports Authority. This did not prove successful, so everything was spun off. Sears merged with Kmart in 2005, after Kmart went bankrupt in 2004. Kmart is now part of Sears Holdings Corporation.

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  • Kmart- discount chain
  • Big Kmart - discount chain that offers more products, such as groceries.
  • Kmart Super Center- hypermarket chain
  • KDollar- dollar store
  • K-Café - in-store restaurant
  • Kwash - attached to store laundromat
  • Kmart Express - chain of gas stations/convenience stores

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