Dillard's is an American chain of department stores. It operates 330 stores in 29 states, and is headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas. Dillard's is commonly found as an anchor store in shopping malls. Often times they divide their merchandise into separate stores in malls, such as having a women's store and a men's/children's store.

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Dillard's was founded in 1938 by William Dillard. In the 60s, Dillards bought several locations. In the 70s, Dillard's expanded. In 1984, Dillard's purchased Diamond's and Brown's from Dayton-Hudson. It soon acquired other chains, including Joske's and Cain-Sloan, in 1987. It purchased Miller & Paine. In 1990, they acquired Ivey's. In 1998, Dillard's purchased Mercantile Stores, which included Bacon's, Castner Knott, de Lendrecie's, Gayfers, Glass Block, Hennessy's, J.B. White, Joslins, Lion Store, Maison Blanche, McAlpin's, Root's and The Jones Store. Dillard's now has 301 stores and operates in 29 states.

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