Bloomingdale's is a chain of American high-end department stores, founded in 1860 by Joseph and Lyman Bloomingdale. The headquarters is located in New York, NY. The chain operates 36 stores. The chain is owned by Macy's Inc.

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Bloomingdale's first store opened in 1872. Bloomingdale's soon opened more locations, including their flagship store. After that, they moved again, to their present-day flagship store. Bloomingdale's was not as big as other chains. They later joined Federated Stores. Federated soon tryed to expand the chain. In the 90s, they purchased Macy's, and began the expansion. When Federated merged with May, they decided to rename them Macy's, and some Bloomingdale's. Soon, Federated sold Lord & Taylor. Federated soon started focusing on the chain, and it entered the west coast. Now, the chain is nationwide.

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